Thursday, 15 November 2012

Famous for five minutes!

As you may already have seen if you follow Mog's Togs on Twitter or Facebook, or are visitors to the Folksy or Etsy forums, last week I was included along with some other UK sellers in this article on the BBC website, all about the resurgence in crafts and particularly selling them online.

You can read it here: Etsy, Folksy and the mania for making crafts

Here's my bit!

I was contacted by the journalist in July and did an interview over the phone with her. She was ever so nice! She did ask for links to my shop and items but unfortunately due to the BBC's editorial policies no links could be included in the text, which was a bit of a shame. However lots of people were able to find my shops, both on Folksy and my own website, and I had a bumper weekend of sales. Quite a few of them mentioned that they had found me after seeing the article; and one lady ordered on the Thursday, received her collars on the Saturday, and placed a second order on Monday!

From the sound of things on the Folksy forums, although most individual sellers only reported a mild increase in visitors (if any at all), interestingly quite a few people mentioned that their Google Analytics showed a much higher % of new visitors than normal. As for Folksy - well they had their busiest day of the year on the Saturday - well done! Unfortunately the site was a little slow on the day the article came out, due to both the influx of new visitors and a server problem, but it sounds like most new visitors stuck with the site or came back to visit another day.

Many other UK sellers and their items were featured and I've been trying to track down as many as I can. The other interviewed sellers were:

Shirley Woosey - Whimsy Woo Designs
Nikki McWilliams - NikkiMade
Marion McConaghie - Tinker Prince

In these smaller pictures:
Elvis Meerkat by NiftyKnits
Punk Zebra by Pimp My Sock
Felted White Bunny by Karen Dale
I wasn't able to track down the Bee or the Bear - does anyone recognise them?

I think all these pictures are from Tovicorrie but only the Leather Keyring and Leather Cuff Wallet are still in her shop.

"Mr & Mrs Taylor" personalised cake topper and His n Hers cake topper from Miss Cake
"Smith" personalised wedding print from By Poppy With Love
I couldn't find the other three items... any ideas?

This cute fellow was at the very top of the article. I am sure I recognise it from a UK seller but I can't find where from!
Edited to add: Found it! The seller had a mouse on the front page of Folksy today (23/11/12) so now I know it's by The House of Mouse and this particular little fellow is Musculus Maximouse!! Fabulous!

The article came out at a great time for us all - what better time to raise the profile of UK craft online sellers than just before Christmas. I hope it has a positive impact on everyone!!

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