Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Folksy Summer School

I thought I'd share with you the fantastic weekend I've just had at the Folksy Summer School in Sheffield. When Folksy first revealed they were planning a weekend of workshops and speakers for designer-makers I knew immediately I wanted to go. There were a nailbiting few weeks while they decided on dates - it would either take place on a weekend when I was going down to Cornwall for a friend's wedding, or the 10th of August, when I was free. Thankfully they picked the 10th and so I bought an earlybird weekend ticket the first day they went on sale! A few weeks later I booked my train ticket from London to Sheffield, and two nights at a Premier inn (£29 a night, bargain!). I was all set! Just had to wait until the big day now...

Friday, 15 March 2013

How to (try and) combine a shop with a full time job!

On the Etsy forums this week, a newish seller was asking for tips on how to run a shop around a full time job. Having done this for the past two and a half years I thought I’d give a few suggestions that have worked for me, and thought I’d flesh them out a bit in a blog post.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bad online experiences - in real life

My brother pointed me to these great videos from Google Analytics just before Christmas. They were designed to make webshop owners think about some of the barriers between your customers arriving at your site and actually completing a transaction. Instead of a boring lecture, they've turned some common online shopping frustrations into real life comedy scenarios which take place in a poorly planned supermarket with some rather annoying staff.