Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Folksy & Etsy Comparison Part 1: Introduction

I thought I'd kick off the blog with a series of posts about some of the differences and similarities between two popular and large craft selling sites - the UK based Folksy and US based Etsy. It would be easy to have titled this post "Folksy vs. Etsy" (and a lot shorter!), but I feel that's unnecessarily provocative! I enjoy selling on both sites - both have their strengths and weaknesses - and it's my opinion that most craft sellers can only gain from having shops on both sites.

I hope that these posts will provide useful information to sellers new to either or both selling platforms, through objective facts and some of my own opinion and experiences too.

This first post includes a brief introduction to both sites and a run down of what you can sell on each one.
Note I have updated this post 18th September 2012!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Welcome to my (other) blog...

It's always a bit awkward, the first post of a blog... so I won't linger over it. This is my second blog, my other one is here, but this time I fancied talking with my own voice rather than through my two cats!

I started my business "Mog's Togs" in 2010, selling handmade cat collars. In October 2010 I set up shops on Folksy and Etsy and then a year later from my own website as well. Since starting Mog's Togs I've learned such a lot about selling online - some things specific to crafts and some things more general - and I'm still learning new stuff every week. I am a bit addicted to Google and use the skills I've learned from my day job as a researcher to help me find and assimilate the right information as fast as possible when I'm trying to solve a problem, answer a question or improve the way I do things.  After all, there's only so much you can do during your lunch break...