Saturday, 28 January 2012

Welcome to my (other) blog...

It's always a bit awkward, the first post of a blog... so I won't linger over it. This is my second blog, my other one is here, but this time I fancied talking with my own voice rather than through my two cats!

I started my business "Mog's Togs" in 2010, selling handmade cat collars. In October 2010 I set up shops on Folksy and Etsy and then a year later from my own website as well. Since starting Mog's Togs I've learned such a lot about selling online - some things specific to crafts and some things more general - and I'm still learning new stuff every week. I am a bit addicted to Google and use the skills I've learned from my day job as a researcher to help me find and assimilate the right information as fast as possible when I'm trying to solve a problem, answer a question or improve the way I do things.  After all, there's only so much you can do during your lunch break...

I decided I'd like to start sharing some of the things I'm learning with others - partly because I like helping people out, partly because it saves time writing things out repeatedly in forums! In particular I have my mother in mind; she's a ceramicist, multimedia artist, knitter, painter, drawer (and lately a weaver) who has been selling her work locally for quite a few years now. She's had a blog for a while, but is now considering selling some of her makes online. I know she'll have lots of questions for me so hopefully I can answer some of them on here before she's even asked them!

I'm also going to take the chance to occasionally feature the work of other crafters and artists - quite a few of them have helped me out by sharing my work on their blogs and so far I haven't been able to reciprocate. Hopefully this will change now!

So that wasn't quite as brief as I'd hoped, but here we are, a new blog, a home for my ramblings and hopefully a source of help for others too.

PS - I'm not promising it's going to be entirely cat free, by the way...

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