Friday, 21 September 2012

Well that's summer done...

Hm, so it seems I haven't blogged since May! I guess I got struck down by blogger's block, and a bit of Olympic and Paralympic fever too, and Mog's Togs has been keeping me pretty busy as well. I've hardly written anything on my cat blog either. Ah well, onwards and upwards!

I have done a bit of work "behind the scenes" on past posts - in particular, the Folksy vs Etsy posts which after only 6 months are now hopelessly out of date. Both sites have made plenty of changes since I wrote the posts in early spring, and these are definitely changes for the better.

Etsy's change to paying listing fees after selling 2nd and later items has revolutionised my listing over there, no longer do I have any qualms about listing multiple quantities and I've been rewarded with an increase in sales, which is fantastic.

I was asked to help test the Folksy Plus seller account which was exciting - although I was on holiday in a 3G and wifi blackspot during most of the testing period, oops. Again, this change to listing costs has seen my Folksy shop grow from a small shop with at most 10 or so items, to one which mirrors my main website. I now have almost all my products on offer at Folksy, since I don't have to worry about whether an item will sell or not before deciding to list it. As well as this, changes to the Seller Dashboard have made it possible for the first time to temporarily deactivate items, and at last we have got everlasting URLs which was one of my biggest bugbears on Folksy. These changes haven't had such an impact on sales but it is certainly a lot less hassle to maintain my shop and keep it looking nice.

So! I am going to sign off for now, but I have lots of ideas for new posts so fingers crossed there will not be a gap of three months before my next thrilling missive... back soon!!

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