Monday, 21 May 2012

Cheeky Moo!

Have you seen this offer from Moo in conjunction with Folksy, for 50 free business cards? I decided to take them up on it last month. I'm a big fan of Moo but don't find it cost-effective to use their lovely business cards for all my needs (I admit it, I'm an even bigger fan of Vistaprint!), so when I saw this offer I couldn't resist. I wanted to have photos of my happy customers on the back; they look cute and make a good talking point. The only caveat to the offer was that the back of your cards had a smart "Folksy" tab added (and you had to pay P&P too).

However... I decided to take this gift horse, and I didn't just glance at its mouth, I got right in there with my torch and had a good poke around. I spent an evening making a template to add identical Etsy and tabs to all the photos I wanted to use on the back. I used GIMP (a free version of photoshop) and it took ages to get exactly right! Next I had to add the template onto all 50 photos I wanted to use. After uploading the photos I clicked the order button and prayed fervently to the god of printing that the cards would come out OK...

A few days later, they arrived in their smart little Moo box. I opened them up... and they were PERFECT!! I was so pleased!! Of course, unfortunately the problem now is that they are too nice to give away...


  1. This is a really clever idea. I was going to get some, but wasn't sure about the Folksy tab. What a super way to make it look good!

  2. They look really excellent and the Etsy and mogstogs labels work very wel with the Folksy one - good thinking if you've other outlets. I don't blame you, wanting to hold onto them . . . oh well, at least they were free! ;-)